Discover Hi! Pierce online ordering features that will help your restaurant operate with better efficientcy and allowing customers to enjoy ordering food right on your website.

Free Tablet & App for Restaurant

Andriod, iOS and iPadOS App for accepting and confiming orders

Free Designer Templates

Beautiful website with designer templates.

Free Restaurant Mobile App

Add branded restaurant mobile app for free or choose low flat fee pricing

Responsive Design Website

Print to Receipt Printers

Comptible with StarMicronics Printer on both iOS and Android Application. Partial compatible with esc/pos printers

Free Restaurant Self Delivery

Add delivery to restaurant with your own driver.

Curbside Pickup

Allow curside pickup of your customers

Delivery Integration with Postmates

Add power of postmates delivery network with low pricing

Free eGift Card

Sell e-gift card online and redeem online or in-store

Dashboard and Sales Insight

View sales performance and download monthly statement

Contactless Menu for Dine-In Ordering

Add QR code menu to your order for contactless dine-in ordering and let customer order on their mobile

Free Catering Menu

Sell catering menu with customizable requirements and configurations

Free Reservation

Allow customers to book table online

Push Notification on New Orders

Get realtime notification on new orders when use restaurant partner app on your iOS/Android Device

with Google
Email Notification on New Orders

Get email notification on incoming orders.

Google Anlytics

Add your own google analytics

Call Notification on Pending Orders

Get call notifications on main line for pending/unconfirmed orders

Adjust Menu Availability

Adjust menus availablity right on Restaurant/Partner app

with Facebook
Facebook Pixel

Add your own facebook pixel

with Apple
Custom and Special Hours
Pause Taking Order for a Period of Time
Mutiple Manu Pages
Popup Anouncement

Complex Menu Option

Allow restaurant owner to add simple or complex menu options where pricing is calculated with rules adapted to restuarant needs.

Easy and Quick Sign-up Process

Our signup process is quick and straightforward. It could take you as little as half an hour to get everything set up and accept orders. After our super-simple signup form, we will ask you to link and create an account with Stripe. With your account activated and menu information entered, you can start taking orders right away!