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See these restuarant websites using Hi! Pierce platform in action showing vivid details and characters with an easy to use menu and online ordering system.

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Noy and Rick Farrell

Taste of Thailand, Denver, CO

Let’s face it, it’s an ONLINE WORLD.

Hi! Pierce literally saved our restaurant during the past difficult year and showed us how many customers we had been missing out on before we subscribed to their service. We have been in business since 1994 and were pretty set in our ways when we heard about Hi! Pierce from fellow restaurant owners. We are not very “high tech” but we found the system easy to use with excellent local support just a phone call away. Equipment and training were provided. The Hi! Pierce dashboard is easy to access from anywhere and is flexible enough to allow for adding and deleting Seasonal Specials which is important to us.

The customer experience has been impressive too. Our long time patrons find the menu and website engaging and user friendly. Our younger diners say it’s one of the best food ordering experiences they have ever had. All for a very fair price. We have been amazed at the volume of orders we receive. Average sales per order exceed our telephone orders and the tips are much higher too which allowed us to keep our workers fully employed during the pandemic.

We are sold on Hi! Pierce. It has opened us up to a whole new customer base that we didn’t know about and who didn’t know about us. Now that things are getting back to normal, our numbers are still good showing us that we have gained many new regulars – from the ONLINE WORLD.

Easy and Quick Sign-up Process

Our signup process is quick and straightforward. It could take you as little as half an hour to get everything set up and accept orders. After our super-simple signup form, we will ask you to link and create an account with Stripe. With your account activated and menu information entered, you can start taking orders right away!